Thursday, April 12, 2012


Daydreaming is something I've done since I was a young school girl.  Later I learned that this form of letting ones mind wander is called meditation.  In elementary school it got me in trouble, meaning I was reprimanded by the teacher.  Being a very sensitive child I burst into tears and was sent to the girls lavatory until I could pull myself together.  I would then take this time to stare out the window to continue my daydreams.

Hawk in flight that I saw harassing some crows.  The crows made a great commotion 

This cloud is spirally and looks like a crab man or spider angel

Looking for a rabbit cloud on Easter Sunday this is the closest I got

The Bradford Pear Tree was and still is a cloud of white blossom buzzing with bees

A little bee butt or are they really yellow jacket wasps?  I wonder why wasps don't make honey
Clouds, birds, skies,  blossoming trees, insects.  Imagine the possibilities just using those subjects to create a magical world.  I still daydream and I get very excited when I spot a great cloud or a bird in flight.  Now I take photos to capture the imagery.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Social Media Trend

I'm hooked on taking photos, sometimes manipulating them with an app, sometimes not and posting them on Facebook, my blogs, or instagram.    I wonder if this trend will continue until I die.  I am connecting more with people on line than in the actual real world.  It worries me.  I'm not so worried that I'm going to quit yet.  So here are two pictures I took.  One yesterday, the other today.  

Millifiori still-life

Squirrel in Plane Tree

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Super Moon

Turn up the volume to hear music.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Video Art

Looking at a lot of video these days because I'm interested in making some myself.  It looks very complicated but I'm sure it's simple once you know how.  Even more difficult is making choices.  What kind of video to make?.  Straight photography, animation, comedy, documentary, narrative, music????   First thing to do is look at lots of video then choose something fairly simple.  Here are some videos  I like.

This is Monsters by Cristian Guerreschi

Forgetfulness by Billy Collins

Green March by Loretta Markell

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Take Five The Dave Brubeck Quartet

Dave Brubeck turned 90 this year on December 6, 2010.  I  thought I would post this video as a remembrance of times past.  The years go by so quickly.   I wonder was it all a dream?  Dreams have been my inspiration for making paintings and jazz is so like what I have been trying to do recently in painting.  A lot of improvisation and pattern.

Happy Belated Birthday Mr. Brubeck.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Cats, Dogs, People

My whole life is about art and people and animals.  I make no  distinction between them as one being higher or superior to the other.  In my opinion human beings have made a terrible mess of things.  I have been paying more attention to animals in recent years.  I understand that dogs are smart, emotional and if the dog accepts that you are it's person the dog will do anything for you.  Even die for you.  They are loyal and loving to the end.  Cats on the other hand would expect those attributes from you.  I know.  I have had dogs and cats.  I have one cat now and I am her willing slave.

I pay attention to the sounds outside.  For example I just now heard an owl hoot.  A few years ago I would not have noticed.  Age and living in the country makes one more aware of those things.  I am sure it was an owl that left the clump of rabbit fur next to the path, half buried in the snow.  There were no dog or cat or other carnivore tracks.  It must have been a nocturnal bird.  An owl.

When I hear blue jays screech in alarm, I get alarmed and look for the red-tailed hawk.  Now I am not a nature photographer or painter but I am influenced by all of these creatures.  I could go on and on about the deer and raccoon and the red cardinal but I began this because I was thinking about how much I have learned from cats and dogs.  My dog would have been embarrassed if she threw up on the floor and would have tried to clean it up for me.  My cat threw up a fur ball and she knew I would take care of it for her.

I am working on several paintings, almost finished.  I wanted to post one or two new ones but I'm not quite done. So I hope you will forgive me for posting instead photographs of some old friends.